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Self-Supporting Cycling Tours

A self-supported bike tour is much more interactive. You carry a reduced amount of luggage in the paniers (saddlebags) provided for you and if need be store the rest of your belongings at your hotel in Granada. We pedal our way from destination to destination, without an assist vehicle. 

 There are local buses throughout the day to take you to the days destination should we need to call it quits for some unforeseen reason. Shuttle vans are readily available and we already have many that work for us should we need.Don't worry no one gets left behind.

Guided Service

- Includes putting together a group of cyclists and organizing the tour. 
- We will send you an information package once you have registered which will provide details about the tour and how to prepare for it.
- The guided fee also includes Harold who has a tremendous knowledge of Nicaragua, its history, flora and fauna.
 - We are with you during the bike tour and assist with bike repairs.
- Accommodation arrangements, tips on where to eat and of course some facts and jokes along the way. 
- Harold is fully bilingual which is priceless in so many ways.
- A quality bike equipped with a rack, saddle bags(panniers), lights, and bell.

Private group bookings available (min. 2 people) 

Sleeping Accommodations 

Sleeping accommodations are not included in the price of the Guide fee. We will be staying in a variety of places such as hotels, guest houses and cabanas. It is important that you remember this is an adventure tour and that some places will be more refined than others. We guarantee that you will always have a safe, clean and comfortable place to lay your head at the end of the day. Personally we feel the places are amazing. All the places you stay are either ocean front, lakefront and most have a pool as well.WiFi and air conditioning are also always provided and always a priceless location. Estimate $60-$80 for a double, $40 per person per day.

Food and Drink 

Food and drinks are also not included in the guide fee, but, we really know where to eat and that is really important in Central America.
We estimate 20$ - 35$ per day will allow for generous amounts of quality food and drinks at the best restaurants in the area. It does not account for excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages (which does not go well if we have to bike the next day ). 

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The Roads

The majority of the roads throughout our tours are paved or unistone, although there are certain sections that are of different grades of dirt and gravel. Our tours are designed for beginner to intermediate bikers. The distance we travel per day is enough to give you a good workout, but also leaves you ample time to enjoy beautiful weather for the afternoon. We focus on the back roads as much as possible for the scenic aspect and to further enhance your experience!​
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We need to take a couple of ferries in most of our tours, as well as some smaller boats for the Expedition Central America and Volcanoes and Coast.You can estimate around 5$ - 15$ per ferry/boat ride.Border crossings will cost about the same per crossing.We have private shuttles arranged for tours in Nicaragua to take us back to our starting location ranging around 30$ per person.We use a direct bus when we return back to Granada when ending in Panama for around $100 each. Private boats to connect some routes can range up to 150$ for the group.
Self-Guided Service

- Sharon your host for arrival and departure.
- A guided ride with you on the first day.
- Includes putting your tour together.
- You will receive a detailed info. Pack with tips to get prepared for your adventure and costs.
- When you arrive we will have a custom itinerary with detailed instructions with maps.
- Accommodation reservations, tips on where to eat and all transport arrangements.
- A cell phone with 24/7 access to us and our contacts.
- A quality bike equipped with a rack, saddle bags(panniers), lights, and bell.
The Bikes

Our bikes are some of the best Nicaragua has to offer for such an adventure. They are a variety of brand name aluminum alloy mountain bikes equipped with rapid fire Shimano components. We slimmed down the tire width for the distances. Each bike comes with (2) 20 liter panniers plus tools and spares as well. We recommend bringing your own seat for comfort, but have many quality seats available as well. All bikes are serviced and fitted before every tour.
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